How did leMEOWnade start?

This is a little project started from few passions I've had since a child. I grew up in Australia in the 90s and was the type of kid who'd wake up every morning 6 am and ran home 4 pm to binge watch cartoons and all sorts of anime I could find or rent (pre-Netflix times).  I would record tv shows and try and sketch some of my own characters and comics and eventually, I grew up, got a job and got busy.

In 2016 I visited a few markets in Sydney🐨,  went to Japan🍣...somewhere along all that I got incredibly inspired by kawaiiness and local makers that were my age or younger and the possibility of sharing art in physical forms.  Oh...at the same time Apple made an iPad you could draw on and so I rekindled with my passion in drawing cute random things again. ✏️

I wanted to do something to celebrate the spirit of never growing up and never being unapologetic to show off the things and values you are passionate about. I hope my work spreads a smile to you or whoever you gift to. 😊 

How are designs made?

In between occasional day dreaming about what to have for lunch or dinner you'll find me drifting away thinking about things ill try and conjure up the cheesiest puns and then I grab my apple pencil and scribble away and work with local and overseas suppliers to bring the art to life.  🤓

Where do you sell to?

We send our products across the world and offer international shipping. ✈️ For more info on our shipping times visit here 

Do you sell in stores?

We pop up here and there at cosplay/gaming/anime conventions with artist alleys! Such as Supanova or Ozcomicon in Australia but one day around the world.  If you would like to enquire about being a stockist for our products please visit here  

Is shopping on the website safe?

Absolutely, shopping on our site is totally safe, you can check out our privacy policy here 

Can I ask you something else?

Sure ! If you would like to collaborate, talk about whole sale, custom designs or ask me anything you can reach me here